R-Display & Lighting

About Us

The mission of R-Display & Lighting is to leverage core expertise in Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology, including materials, device fabrication and manufacturing operations to deliver advanced flat panel display and lighting products at a competitive cost for manufacturing. Our foundation is built on team members with broad experience in OLED research, development and manufacturing operations.



Leadership Team:


Tommie L. Royster, Ph.D. (CEO and Founder) - Dr. Royster has over 20 years of experience in technology development and commercialization processes. He has a Ph.D. in organometallic chemistry with extensive work in the field of electronic materials and thin-film device fabrication. Significant contributions have been made to the advancement of OLED technology starting with the pioneering OLED materials group at Eastman Kodak Company. His IP portfolio covers 30 U.S. patents and patent application publications. Dr. Royster leverages his broad experience in OLED technology to lead RDL in delivering advanced materials for the OLED display and lighting manufacturing industries.

Katherine O'Brien, Ph.D. (V.P. Product Commercialization) – Dr. O'Brien brings over 20 years of experience in Product Development / Product Commercialization. Her extensive background includes commercialization of new technologies and materials for printing in addition to printer products while at Xerox. Trained in Lean Six Sigma, Design of Experiments, Value Analysis and Quality Function Deployment, she will lead the advancement and commercialization of RDL’s new OLED materials.