R-Display & Lighting

OLED Market


The forecast for OLED display manufacturing and revenue has steadily increased as advancements in the technology and manufacturing operations have improved. OLED display technology has penetrated smart phone/mobile device markets with great success. The market is also seeing accelerating investment in OLED displays as the future for HDTV's and flexible displays.

OLED Lighting is also gaining momentum. The market is not as mature as the display market; however, infrastructure for lighting manufacturing is now starting to take shape. Opportunities in the lighting market are expected to be positioned in areas of luxury consumer lighting, decorative lighting for large buildings and showrooms, office lighting, residential lighting and automotive lighting.

Market Opportunity

  • Leading OLED manufacturers are seeking broader options for high performing Emitter Materials
  • Solving the persistent instability problem of Blue OLED devices and further improvement of Green OLED device lifetime establishes great opportunity for innovative material companies
  • Market research also indicates a need for higher efficiency deep red emitters