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High performance OLED materials are the starting point for products and services provided by R-Display & Lighting. Our chemists have broad experience in both the development and manufacturing of OLED materials including work as part of Eastman Kodak Companies' pioneering OLED materials business. Device engineers will use proprietary and commercially available materials to design and fabricate advanced OLED devices and Panels for specific OLED products.

A novel class of Emitter Materials has been designed and developed by RDL that provides High Quantum Efficiency, Superior Color Tuning and Improved Stability. The molecular design establishes Higher Bond Strength or Bond Dissociation Energy in the critical excited state which leads to the formation of light. The emitter development process is outlined below.

Emitter Materials

Design and Synthesis of Proprietary Emitter Materials using Scalable Synthetic Process

RDL EmittersRDL Emitters

Photophysics Evaluation of Materials Demonstrating High Quantum Efficiency and Broad Color Tuning Capability


Fabrication and Evaluation of High Performance OLED Devices