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OLED Displays exhibit vibrant looking images with exciting potential applications that go beyond the current standard use of displays. This is based on the ability to deposit very thin light emitting films on a broad range of substrates including flexible substrates. Currently, OLED displays are used primarily for small display applications such as mobile phones. However, with more robust ways to scale OLED manufacturing operations, medium and large display applications for tablets, computer monitors and Large HD TV's are expected to significantly increase over the next five years.

R-Display and lighting will combine new materials and device fabrication expertise with advanced imaging processing to deliver displays that provide an enhanced viewing experience. Technical advantages of OLED displays responsible for the more vibrant looking images and videos are listed below.

Advantages of OLED Displays:

  • Better color saturation
  • Higher contrast (True blacks)
  • Perfect grayscale tracking (LCDs do not track the gray scales accurately at low levels)
  • Wider viewing angles
  • Faster refresh rates for full motion video with significant advantage over LCD for 3-D applications
  • Low operating voltages for low power consumption
  • Simple device structure with potential for lower manufacturing cost
  • Thinner displays (no backlighting)
  • Overall better image quality